Monday, 29 December 2008

Christmas is over...

Hello friends and visitors!

Christmas is over and a lot have happened in the world of Hugo.
He's learnt how to grab his feet, hold his head up straight, smiles like there is no tomorrow when I wake him up at 6 am in the morning, properly laughing out loud when happy and celebrated his first Christmas!

Here's some photos of the time that past since the last update.


Hugo spotted his pray....
...He caught "birdie" in his play mat and ate his legs so he can't run away.
Hugo falling asleep under the Christmas tree the night before christmas eve.
Christmas morning and Hugo was all smiles!

Mother and father was cooking and cleaning all day. I (the father) was making my first Christmas ham this year. It turned out delicious!
Hugo waiting for presents...
Hugo getting presents... of the presents was a jumperoo!! Hugo was very interested and started to pull and touch everything!

Until next time, lots of love and peace on earth haha.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

All in Bath!

Last Sunday we decided to have a bath together! Mommy, Pappa and Hoogly! It was FUN! Hugo enjoyed it, was kicking his legs in the water, and was surprisingly buoyant! It also was really easy to give him a wash! We will definitelly give it another go!

Here is a photo, can't see much of the bath, but at least it is the three of us!

Plus a cute B&W Hugo while sleeping.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

This months update!

Hello all!
We have had a eventful month with visits from uncle Morris (my older brother), Hugos grandmother Susanne and Awesome-Kan.

Hugo is now ramming his fist in his mouth and tries to talk while doing so. It is highly amusing and I laugh a bit every time I hear a muffled giggle.

See you soon again!


Saturday, 22 November 2008


Our little boy Hugo is 10 weeks old tomorrow! Time flies. At two months the boy has grown to be 5660 g heavy and 63cm!! long! His 0 - 3 month pjs are too small and the H&M pjs meant for 2 - 4 months fit perfectly (so not going to last till 4 months).

Hugo has learned to put his hand in his mouth and suck on his fingers - lots of drool all over them! He also ogles the hands and tries to hit things with them (misses a lot, hehe). He smiles tons, coos (agooooo, hagoooo, oooo, throaty sounds), aaaalmost a giggle here and there as well! Extreme cutenenss! Tummy time is getting a bit better, he is a bit more relaxed on his stiff side - good for development!

He loves his bouncy chair as can look around and explore the world a bit more.

Here is a few recent images:

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Proud Parents

It is very easy to get nice photos with one of the parents and the baby, so here is Mr Hugo with Mommy and Mr Hugo with Daddy. I hope sometime soon we will be able to take a nice photo of the three of us! Needing someone to hold the camera, haha!

Mommy and very inquisitive Hugo:
Proud Daddy and Hugo in the cool suit:

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Poor Mr Hugo

Poor lil Hugo had his first immunizations today - in both legs. Poor boy - did some complaining when they went in, but overall the complaining was short lived at the time. He had the rest of his feed then and went down for a good nap ... Now when he woke up! Royally pissed - I think his poor legs where hurting, Hugo was screaming his head of, even while eating ... Then went down for another nap. He was feeling a bit better the next time he woke up, not so much complaining, and we have given him baby paracetamol in case his poor legs bother him. Now he is dozing in my lap - poor boy, I really want to cuddle him silly for being a brave little man, even bought him a little toy!

Monday, 3 November 2008

Busy Times

The end of October was a busy time at the household of Hurri! Lots of visitors back to back!

First my Mom, her husband Janis and my dipshit lil sister Tereze were here for almost a week, and then straight after my gran and grandpa stayed here for 4 days! Tons of fun and great to see the family, but sometimes a bit of tiring.

The fam of course was extatic to see the new addition to the family, especially my grandpa, Hugo's great-grandpa Beris. His words were: "I am extremely proud that FINALLY there is a male in my family, seeing how all we ever have is girls!" (Which is a fact, we do have a million of girls born into our family!)

Everybody got to cuddle with Hugo. My little sister, Hugo's aunt Tereze sang a ton of songs to him and showcased all his toys (would love to have her here, she is a great distraction divice for Mr Hugo), my Mom, Hugo's Trollmommy squeezed and smooched the poor boy all the time, step-grandpa Janis sneaked hugs from Hugo, hehe, great grandpa Beris told Hugo that he has to grow up and be a banker, and finally great grandma Zaiga was a fav - Mr Hugo kept giving her tons of smiles and coos/goos when she was holding him.

Mr Hugo also scored some nice pressies from family - cot mobile, lots of cool clothes, rattles, a foot mold from Santa, Maija and Maris, big toy turtle from aunt Terese. Pappa Bjorn though says that the foot mold will be used for Hugo's butt - much cooler memorabilia hahahah.

Here Mr Hugo is being entertained by aunt Tereze while grandparents Ineta and Janis watch:

Here Hugo and Tereze are having a serious, secret conversation:
Trollmommy and Hugo:

Group hug:

The greats Beris and Zaiga, Hugo and British weather:

There is going to be an update with more photos with great-grandparents, do not have the photos yet, waiting for them to be sent over.


Fun Throughout Month Number 2

Mr Hugo is growing really fast! He is now smiling, and almost, but not quite giggling. He is lifting his head if you put him on his tummy (doesn't like it much, but it is a necessary exercise for development, haha), he can hold his head nicely when you hold him vertically, loves looking around, tells Mommy and Daddy long stories about life as baby with coos and gurgles and leg/arm movements - very cute!

Here is evidence of his cheeky times:

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Special Post on Bathtimes

Our little boy quite enjoys bath times, though sometimes the water at first startles him at first! Now, as Mommy wants to be all modern and posh and is addicted to buying fine stuff for Mr Hugo, she has bought a baby bath with a seat and a canopy like holder for babies BUT it is crap and uncomfy unless the baby is big enough to sit on his own! We tried it once but decided it is bleh and started to bathe Hugo in the sink! Much more comfortable! Unfortunately the bathing in sink was rather short-lived as Hugo grows at an alarming rate and now is just too big for the sink! The posh baby bath is still no go, so we have bought a simple baby bath with a sponge cushion and both parents and baby are extremely satisfied with bath time!

Here are some bathtime fun images:

The Adventures of 1st Month

As mentioned before Hugo's parents have been rather slow at making a blog for him! So here is a recap of our little boys first month and a half!

Little boy Hugo having a staredown with daddy a little bit after being born:
Being weighed for the first time - 3910g!

Small nap in mommy's hands while still in hospital:
Mr Hugo totally relaxed after boob and Daddy (around day 3):

Flirting with camera on day 5 and then having a nap with Mommy on the sofa:
Hugo's first time out in the big world in stroller on day 6:

Chilling with Daddy:

First bath and looking all surprised!

Farmor Susanne came to visit during week 2 and managed to take a photo of Hugo with both Mommy and Daddy!

With farmor Susanne:
Morning surprises! (Mommy unzipped Mr Hugo from his sleeping bag and voila! naked leg with no sock poking out of PJs)

We are ending Hugo's first month with the many expressions on his first month birthday!