Saturday, 18 October 2008

Birth Story

Little Hugo was finally born on Sunday, 7th September, 11 days overdue, weighing 3910 g (8,6 lbs).

Here is the birth story!

I think I overall had a very long labour ... hehe! I had a sweep on Friday, to help move things along and I guess that one really did work, was starting to get cramps a couple hours after it .. in the evening around 6 - 7, started having proper contractions ... lasted all night, as close as 3 - 4 minutes apart, I was very sure this was it .. but whenever I rang hosp, the fact that I was sanely talking didn't convince them I needed to go in! Lol... Well, I guess they know better, as in the morning around 8am the contractions stopped! Nada, I was like wtf ...... They picked up around 4pm and around 6pm, were again 3 mins apart ... So we decided to go to hospital, through out the whole taxi ride I was convinced they'd send me home... But my love, Bjorn, kept saying that I won't and he was right.

So arrived at hosp, had a check, was 4cm, yaaay! So they didn't kick me out. By now was 100% I wanted an epidural, but they said I had to wait, till I am a bit more dilated, so next few hours were spent getting a bit shitfaced on gas and air ... fun! Got Bjorn to try too! (He said it is like smoking weed)Now, not sure how long after, I had the epidural, worked fine at first, but then turned out it fully numbs only one side, so they kinda had to give extra strong meds and have me on my right side, to have the epidural work fully. When they had this sorted, me and bf both had naps... rested etc. But oh oooh, come morning light, I am like ... hmmm this is starting to really hurt! Turns out epidural drip machine hadn't realized it was empty!!! So full blown pain is back, and by this time, I am like 8 cm dilated, so contractions are really strong and close together! Ohhhhhhh, then I sooo sucked the gas and air for the 40 mins they got the epidural back to working ... When it did, they decided to give me oxytocin through drip to help dilate to 10 cm ... took a couple of hours I think, not sure ... Then when I was, they monitored baby and decided I can push him out as he has finally moved into correct position and though is a tiny bit distressed, the pushing can go on. By this time the epidural had started to wear off a bit, but I was really glad! I had more control over my legs and belly muscles, I found that lifting my butt up helped awesomly! I pushed the boy out in 25 minutes!

Hugo was born at 1 39 pm, cord was around neck, but loosely, he was put on my tummy, we had meet and greet and even tried boobie, while they stitched up one 2nd degree tear (have a few superficial grazes as well). Daddy had a first cuddle with son as well, awesome cute!!! Then we got cleaned up and taken to maternity ward. His Apgar was a great 9/10. Yay!

Here is Hugo with daddy soon after being born:

Got home on Tuesday, as docs were a bit worried that Hugo on occasion breathed a bit fast, but all turned out ok.

I suppose one might say my labour was a bit traumatic, but even during and more so after it all, I can totally say I'd do it again ... I had imagined it would be a lot more worse than this ... same goes for aftermath ... though I am sore in places I didn't know I had, I still thought before all this that it wou ld be a lot worse!

So .. there will deff be more babies for me!

First post!

Bjorn and I, we have decided to start a blog about our little boy Mr Hugo Richard Hurri. Albeit a bit late! He will be 6 weeks old this Sunday. To be honest, I think we should have started one while the boy was still kicking in the tummy!
So, due to the fact that we ARE a bit late, here is a bit of an insight of the pregnancy and Hugo's first month!

Hugo is a planned baby! We think he was conceived somewhere at the end of November - beginning of December, 2007, but are not 100% sure exactly when, as Mommy is bad at keeping check of her 'red' days! When my period was a bit late nearing new years and I was having weird cramps for a couple of weeks, we decided to do a pregnancy test - which weirdly enough occurred on the 31st of December! And it was a positive one! So we rang in the New 2008 with a new baby on the way! Fun for the new daddy to be, who had lots of beers, not so fun for mummy to be, who now could not drink (have to say I did have a bit of champagne at midnight). We had friends over, who also celebrated the good news with us! We also let both our moms know then we were going to have a baby! Bjorn's mom shed a tear (cute!), my mom was all excited!

SOOO, now we were pregnant! Excitement, fear, anticipation - what to do next? Make a doctor's appointment, heheeh! Turns out here in the UK you get assigned a midwife, who you see through out the pregnancy, and you don't really see a doctor, unless something goes wrong. Thankfully, my midwife was super nice and cool! Her name is Zeine.

We saw our little baby for the first time when he had been in tummy for around 14 weeks - first ultrasound! I was so nervous beforehand, what if there is no baby there! But there was! He was spinning around all over the place! Long legs, round head! It was amazing and very emotional!!! Bjorn loved it! Here is the image:

By now we had already started looking at names, we had a larger list for girls (so much easier than finding boy's names), and on the girl's list the fav was Elda. On the boy's list the fav was Hugo. We had decided early on that we would be finding out the sex of the baby at the 20 weeks scan, so we were realllllly looking forward to it! Bjorn was at first convinced that we were going to have a girl (in both our families there is tons of females!), I could not decide though, but I guess the inner feeling had decided, as I had been calling the baby bump a HE since the very beginning.

Come the 20 week scan! Yay!!!! And it is a boy! We could clearly see the willy and little balls on screen, and even if with our untrained, non-medical eye we could see it, definitely a boy! Lots of fun reactions from everybody who we let know immediatelly after leaving the hospital!

1) Farmor Susanne - happy, and will teach me all there is to know about boys! (as I have no experience with baby boys, but tons with girls)

2) Trollmom Ineta - omg, couldnt you do better and create a girl? Hahahahah (though now Trollmom is in awe with little Hugo!)

3) Greatgrandma Zaiga - it will be great to have a son! Especially when he is a grown up!

4) Santa, Katrina and other family members - very excited, as it is a BOY not a girl - great novelty!

5) We also let a few friends know, who even had bets on whether it will turn out ot be a girl or a boy, lol.

Here is the image of the 2nd ultrasound:
And then comes the waiting! Being pregnant for 9 months (a myth, it is closer to ten actually - 40 weeks) is forever! The first half moves rather quick, but the closer it gets to the due date, the longer the wait seems to be! At least there are such distractions as buying a bit of baby stuff, feeling the first kicks - awesome and so alien!!!, seeing the first kicks, having the tummy move like a hurricane, hiccups in the tummy, feeling whale-like, unable to turn in bed, having twitchy legs and leaky boobs (omg), damn stretchmarks appearing around week 36 --- overall excitement from the soon to be parents!

Here is a few belly bump photos at different stages of pregnancy.

15 weeks 6 days:

23 weeks:
26 weeks 6 days:

36 weeks 5 days:
The due date of our little boy had been set to August 28th, 2008. Now, we do know that most babies don't arrive on their due dates, we were still hoping that it might be somewhere close to the date. I have to say though, as most books state that the babies are fully cooked and considered full term from 37 weeks of gestation, we of course started to wait for his arrival when he was 37 weeks! That sooo did not help, it made the wait even longer! Comes 28th of August - no Hugo! Our little boy wanted to cook a bit more and was born a shocking 11 days over due and in the first few minutes of his life looked like this:

In the next blog post - birth story!!!