Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Sorry for the lack of updates...

Hello lovely people!
We have been very busy, we have all worked a lot! We have moved homes to a new place and it is a great new flat. Very big and Hugo has his own room now, big and spacious!

The biggest news of them all are that Hugo can walk now!!
He just started to stand up and walk. He have furniture surfed for quite a while now but he is doing it all by him self now and he doesn't stop! He just walks away and you need to run after him!

Here are some recent photos!!


Ready to go out now, please open!

"Commersial on tv"-mode

Eating lovely italian food at Zizzis

He is very good with a fork, very accurate!

Shopping food at Tesco's

Hugging his favorite stuffed animal! Lovely Mumin troll from Finland!

Eating Japanese food, think it was Chicken teriyaki

Hugo is destroying government property in his superman pyjamas


*until next time

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Warm Summer Day

Mr Hugo is almost 9 months old. He has learned to commando crawl (funny), sit unaided, shout at people, babble loads and is a great fan of yoghurt and breadsticks. Unfortunately he also has a chest infection atm and has to take antibiotics, but that has not taken him down and he is as jolly as ever. Hehehheeh

Today we went out today, as the weather is fab, had a sit in the beach lawns, Hugo tired to eat grass and was upset when you didn't let him. He also had an obstacle course (over Mummy) to reach the beer can.

Here is images:

Hugo and his fav bucket hat, though now he just loves to pull it off!

Walking on Pappa!


Pappa going for kisses but Hugo not really letting!

On grass with Mamma.


Boob is mine!

Giggles some more!

Mummy cuddling!

Pappa and Hugo!

I are sitting on my own now!!!!

Bit of an odd one :D

And last but not least: the mission to get the beer!

Sunday, 3 May 2009

April Hugo sightings

Hello all,
We have been a bit busy, sorry for the lack of updates!
We have moved home, Hugo have learned how to clap and move around on his tummy.
He is such a good boy, well behaved and constantly happy!

On with the show!

bedroom view

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Here are some more

Hello everyone!
Here is some more Hugo goodness! He is such a sweet and happy little boy!
Yesterday me and Hugo played together by him hitting a book once, then I hit it and he laughed and he hit the book again. I of course hit the book yet again and Hugo laughed!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

March 27th

Hello all,
Here's some photos of Hugo!