Sunday, 24 May 2009

Warm Summer Day

Mr Hugo is almost 9 months old. He has learned to commando crawl (funny), sit unaided, shout at people, babble loads and is a great fan of yoghurt and breadsticks. Unfortunately he also has a chest infection atm and has to take antibiotics, but that has not taken him down and he is as jolly as ever. Hehehheeh

Today we went out today, as the weather is fab, had a sit in the beach lawns, Hugo tired to eat grass and was upset when you didn't let him. He also had an obstacle course (over Mummy) to reach the beer can.

Here is images:

Hugo and his fav bucket hat, though now he just loves to pull it off!

Walking on Pappa!


Pappa going for kisses but Hugo not really letting!

On grass with Mamma.


Boob is mine!

Giggles some more!

Mummy cuddling!

Pappa and Hugo!

I are sitting on my own now!!!!

Bit of an odd one :D

And last but not least: the mission to get the beer!

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Emma said...

so cute.. and with his fathers taste for beer :)